Our Story


Founded in 2015, Avance Capital is a real estate investment company focused on acquiring, renovating, and leasing graduate student housing in the Northeastern United States. Avance has created a model that targets highly ranked private universities with large graduate student populations and limited to no off-campus housing options, pushing the students into the local housing markets. We buy existing multi-family property within walking or shuttle distance of the targeted university and reposition it into student housing through extensive renovation designed specifically for graduate student living.


We have refined a model that provides middle market housing product to an underserved graduate student market. We provide the same services to graduate students that the universities provide for their undergraduate students, but in premium off-campus apartment communities.

Our apartments are rented to individual students by the bedroom, taking the stress out of finding potential roommates. All apartments come fully furnished with all utilities included for an all-inclusive premium fixed price. No more organizing and collecting rent or utilities from roommates!

Property Timeline and Return Values

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