Shelby Street

The first phase of Shelby Street was completed in September. Phase 1 entailed refinishing the floors, designer paint schemes, new appliances and updated bathrooms. This property has become popular amongst Emerson College students due to it's close proximity to the MBTA and downtown Boston.

Before & After

Business Plan 
This property has been broken down into two phases. The first phase, which was completed in September 2017, involved a light renovation to improve functionality and appearance in the kitchens and bathrooms, and the addition of two more bedrooms by re- allocating space. We expect this to increase the value of the apartments and will allow us to raise rents for the next year as the property stabilizes.
After five years, the second phase will be a more extensive renovation to maximize the value by installing new heating systems, windows, and roof, as well as upgrading to high end appliances and granite counters to sell as condominiums.