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Expanding to NYC!

Exciting News: We are proud to announce that we are expanding our portfolio to NYC.

Entering the vibrant market of New York City, our new investment endeavor focuses on providing high-quality housing for Columbia University graduate students. Located on West 113th Street, just one block from the main campus, this property offers an exceptional opportunity to capitalize on the robust demand for student housing in this prime A+ location.

The real estate market in New York City experienced a temporary decline during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a drop in property values. However, as the rental market recovered, we have witnessed a remarkable resurgence in real estate values. This favorable market condition has created an opportune moment for us to acquire this student housing property and capitalize on its long-term potential.

With eight units, all offering free market rents, this investment presents a solid foundation for strong returns. We are currently raising $5.5 million of equity for this project and anticipate closing in the early fall. Our projections indicate returns in the mid-teens, making this an enticing opportunity for our investors.

Columbia University 26,000+ graduate students and only 5,000 beds. There is high demand for housing near campus.
527 West 113th Street features 8 units with great potential for renovation and value add.
527 West 113th Street is located one street away from Columbia University's campus, an A+ prime location.

Limited Partners must be Accredited Investors to be eligible to participate in 506B investment syndications. The minimum equity contribution per investor is $100k.


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