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Fund 2

Exciting News: We have launched our latest investment vehicle called Avance Capital Real Estate Investment Fund II, LLC (Fund 2).

Fund 2 builds on the success of Fund 1, and will acquire up to 15 multifamily properties in Waltham. We have already identified a number of suitable properties with the potential to enter into Fund 2 acquisition pipeline.

Avance Capital Real Estate Investment Fund II, LLC ("Fund 2") is structured as a $10 million student housing investment fund specialized in middle market housing for graduate students.

Fund 2 is designed to carry up to 15 properties in Waltham in order to provide investors with diversification across multiple properties. The Fund 2 incentive structure provides for a capital boost that adds 10% bonus for early investors. Early investors get a 10% boost by July 26, 2023. Thereafter, investors get a 5% boost until July 26, 2024. Later investors will be at parity.

Fund 2 offers investors tax advantages, investor incentives, and investment diversification.

The fund is prepared to acquire properties that match our business model.

*See offering documents for full description of Investor Distributions.

While most projects are structured as a deal-by-deal entity, the latest offerings are structured in an advanced fund entity with tax advantages, investor incentives, and diversification.

Limited Partners must be Accredited Investors to be eligible to participate in 506B investment syndications. The minimum equity contribution per investor is $100k.


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